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Parliamentary Procedure

Abstract - Parliamentary procedure is an organized method of running effective meetings. The use of parliamentary procedure provides a way of conducting business in a fair and democratic manner. The purpose is to help a group of decision makers accomplish their goals.

Lesson Plan - Participants should define parliamentary procedure and understand the key ingredients to running an effective meeting.

Power Point - Power Point slides to teach the lesson.



Abstract - Self-esteem is an expression of your perceptions about yourself and the reaction and response of others to you as an individual.

Lesson Plan - Participants should differentiate between self-concept and self-esteem as well as evaluate interpersonal communication.

Attachment - Notes for Power-Point Presentation

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Time Management

Abstract - We know that we only have so many hours available in a day and so many weeks in a year and so many years in a life span. What happens when you don’t make the best of your time?

Lesson Plan - Participants should understand the various approaches to time management and analyze tasks and discuss their relationships.

Power Point - Power Point slides to teach the lesson.