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Curriculum List

Community Connections

Personal Leadership

Leadership Connections

Expanding Connections

Building Connections:

Community Leadership Program

Introduction Material
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Getting Started

This 10- to 15-hour program emphasizes building the leadership skills of community volunteer leaders for both youth and adult programs.


Characteristics of Potential Participants

Who should participate in this program? This covers class, viewpoints and expectations.


Developing a Selection and Notification Process

If you have more applicants than openings in the class, how do you choose among them? This covers everything from the selection process to selection committees and application reviewing.


Sample Letters

This section included: sample letters for invitation to nominate, sample worksheets for identifying leadership program participants to be recruited, sample worksheets for identifying influential community-based groups, sample letter for a nomination, sample letter congratulating new participants, and then sample letter saying you have been selected, as well as not selected, and then finally a participant commitment form.


Evaluation Plan

Two types of evaluation plans:
Perceptual Knowledge Evaluation - This should be implemented only at the end of the program, administered face-to-face so that you can clearly explain the directions to the audience and they can complete it on the spot.

Behavior Change Evaluation. This should be administered at the last meeting or mailed a short time after the program ends, as a follow-up mailing because it allows time for the participants to adopt practices based on what they have learned, and adoption takes more time than the diffusion of knowledge.