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Community Leadership Program

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These programs were created in AGED 689 - Community & Rural Leadership Development by graduate students at Texas A&M University.

Spring 2007 Community Development Programs

Community Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Community Business Leaders of Tomorrow- This gives an overview of the program goals, objectives, outputs and outcomes, as well as the target audience that the agent is trying to reach.

Community Business Leader of Tomorrow Power point- This powerpoint can be utilized as a professional style presentation to present a potential economic growth impact program to potential stakeholders and collaborators.
Marketing template- This highly attractive press release can be displayed all across the county to help promote programmatic impacts and attract new audiences.
Press release- Newspaper ad that can be run in local newspaper to help promote program.
Public Service Announcement- Radio announcement that can be utilized with local radio stations to promote programmatic efforts.
Networking Within Communities Powerpoint - Powerpoint that focuses on networking within communities and looks at power structures and opinion leadership within communities.
Team Building Powerpoint- Powerpoint that focuses on team development and team leadership.
Evaluation Instrument- Retrospective post evaluation that includes: satisfaction questions, knowledge, demographic questions, economic impact questions, and Intentions to adopt
Possible Outcome summary- Interpretative piece that can be used with stakeholders to illustrate programmatic results.


MYLife- This gives an overview of the program goals, objectives, and outcomes, as well as the target audience it is trying to reach. It also discusses the activities that will be included within the program and possibilities for evaluating the program. This overview looks primarily at Matagorda County but can be molded to fit any youth audience.

MYLife Powerpoint- Explores the MYLife Program in a shortened version but still offers a presentation style format for users to present potential stakeholders. Marketing Piece- An eye appealing flyer to help capture the attention potential target audiences.
Future Interpretation Piece / Outcome Summary - Provides a template for an outcome summary that can be utilized with stakeholders.
Powerpoint on Motivating Others- This powerpoint looks at how leaders can motivate others and get them to buy into the vision of the organization.

Summer Stars of Presidio

Summer Stars of Presidio Community Development Report- Gives an in depth report of the history of the county, demographics, future outlooks for the community, and programmatic efforts that are already taking place.

Summer Stars of Presidio Powerpoint- Powerpoint that give an overview of the program goals, objectives, collaborators, and activities.
Goals and Objectives- Program goals and objectives that clearly define the outlook of the program.
Marketing Flyer- Colorful marketing piece that is an attractive way to bring in participants to this program.
and Outcome Summary- Fun and interactive icebreakers that help get the youth interested in the activities. Template for a possible outcome summary that can be used with stakeholders and collaborators.

Hardeman County Leadership Program

Hardeman County Leadership Program Powerpoint- Powerpoint that gives and overview of the program goals, objectives, collaborators, and activities.
Goals and Objectives- Program Goal and outcome objectives of the program.
Marketing Flyer- Informational flyer marketing the efforts of this program to new audiences.
Living your Strengths Powerpoint- Powerpoint to help participants identify their strengths and utilize them within their community.
Pronghorn Biology, Behavior, and Management- Powerpoint that discusses the management of Pronghorn antelope including: history, reproduction, behavior, habitat, and management practices.
Permit Surveys and Permit Issuance- Powerpoint on issuing of permits and taking surveys of antelope populations.

Master Entrepreneur Program

Description of target audience- Describes who the primary target audience is and who the secondary target audience is in the program.
Goal and Objectives- Outlines the goal and objectives of the program.
Need for Program- Gives description of need for program in specific county and specific justifications.
Program Development Model of Master Entrepreneur Program- Outlines how the program will be planned, implemented, and evaluated effectively.
Public Service Announcement- Radio announcement that can be utilized with local radio stations to promote programmatic efforts.
Potential Community Collaborators- Describes the collaborators that can be utilized within this program.
Program Area Committee Support- Lists the roles that program area committees will play in programmatic efforts.
Volunteer Involvement- Describes the volunteer involvement that will be utilized in the program.
Value of Volunteer Service to Community- Discusses how much money volunteer hours will bring back to the community by incorporating this program into a community.

Evaluation Plan- Gives a description of the type of evaluation plan that can be utilized for a program such as this one.
Evaluation Instrument- Gives an example of an example of an evaluation instrument that can be used for the program.

Spring 2006 Community Development Programs

Explore Your Own Backyard

Explore Your Own Outdoor Program - This gives an overview of what the programs goals, objectives, outputs and outcomes, as well as the target audience that is trying to be reached. It also covers the different sessions in detail. For some of the session there are powerpoints that can be used, they are below.

Recreational Areas Power Point- Explore areas that provide opportunities for the whole family.
Native Wildlife Power Point - Discover the different wildlife that is in your "backyard".
Fishing and Birding Power Point - Learn about what you need to fish, licenses, tips and what goes in the tackle box as well as the birding check-list.
Camping Power Point - Learn about planning, dangers, proper clothing, food and supplies and first-aid.

Additional Information:
Birds of the High Plains and Rolling Plains of Texas

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Character Power Point - Discuss character and ethical decisions
Leadership Power Point - Learn about the Big Five Model and the personality traits that you possess as well as different leadership styles
Motivation and Goals Power Point - What is the importance of setting Goals? Learn about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Teamwork Power Point - Differentiate between groups and teams as well as efficient and innovative teams
Visioning and Objectives Power Point - Discuss strategic visioning and strategic planning